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NEW YORK — Today, Pregnancy Justice shared its first-ever annual impact report, highlighting a year of legal wins for people facing pregnancy-related criminal charges, the successful training of thousands of professionals on how to confront and reject pregnancy criminalization, the release of groundbreaking reports that moved the needle, and much more — even amid the loss of Roe.

In 2022, we freed people from jail, told the real stories of pregnant people unfairly targeted by the criminal legal system, provoked outrage, and placed pressure on prosecutors and policymakers alike.

With only three full-time staff attorneys, Pregnancy Justice achieved a lot and made an outsized impact thanks to dedicated staff and supporters.

Download the full 2022 impact report.



Impact report highlights:

  • Directly represented or provided legal case support to 30 people facing pregnancy-related charges
  • Provided resources, referrals, know-your-rights information, or direct assistance to more than 200 people who contacted us for help
  • Trained more than 6,500 healthcare providers, criminal defense attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors, social workers, policymakers, and child welfare workers on the frontlines to reject pregnancy criminalization
  • Filed four amicus briefs on behalf of dozens of medical experts, public health experts, drug policy experts, reproductive justice advocates, and others in support of cases in Ohio, Arizona, New York, and Alabama
  • Opposed six harmful bills, none of which passed; supported six bills seeking to end pregnancy criminalization, two of which passed in Colorado and California
  • Released eight reports that gained traction, covering everything from fetal personhood laws in post-Roe America to parenting and drug use to how family courts force men to regulate pregnant people
  • Shaped the narrative in hundreds of news stories, ensuring that people understood the far-reaching consequences of the Dobbs decision

This isn’t just Pregnancy Justice’s impact; it’s our supporters’ impact, too. They powered the work of our attorneys and research staff who answered calls, represented clients, wrote legal briefs, and produced publications that were widely cited.

We look forward to continuing the fight for the humanity and dignity of pregnant people in the year ahead.