Traditional Values Coalition vs. Pregnancy Justice?

We knew that our recent commentary and video that challenges PersonhoodUSA was likely to draw fire from the Right. We were not mistaken. Shortly after releasing our video and commentary, Andrea Lafferty, President of the Traditional Values Coalition, wrote a response seeking to discredit Pregnancy Justice by "exposing" our work on behalf of drug using pregnant women.

We, however, are grateful to Ms. Lafferty for providing us with a fantastic opportunity to educate the public about the possibilities for common ground, and to bring more attention to our newest video featuring award-winning pediatrician Deborah A. Frank, debunking the "crack baby" and other drug related myths. On March 30, 2009 the Huffingtonpost ran our new commentary, Do People Who Support "Traditional Values" Value Pregnant Women? with a link to the video.

The video is a very useful teaching tool. Please share it widely with policy makers, students, health care providers, medical and child welfare administrators, advocates, and allies.