Thank You! Bei Bei Shuai is Free and More!

After two and a half years, Bei Bei Shuai - an Indiana woman who was charged with feticide and murder for attempting suicide while pregnant - is finally free: free from a looming murder trial, free from the electronic GPS shackle that has tracked her every move since her release on bail from the Marion County Jail, and free from an unjust and legally unauthorized prosecution.

Indiana Forum: Challenging Stigma and Misinformation in the Bei Bei Shuai case

On Wednesday evening June 26, 2013, approximately 50 people attended an Indianapolis forum sponsored by a dozen local and national organizations.

The forum, Suicide & Mental Health: Should Pregnant Women Be Treated Differently?, sparked a compelling op-ed by Professor Terry Jett in the Indianapolis Star, “Bei Bei Shuai was vulnerable and pregnant, but not a criminal,” and an article about the event and one of its organizers, “Bei Bei Shuai case leads Butler professor to hold forum on pregnancy and suicide.

Locking up pregnant women: the new cure for mental health problems?

As Pregnancy Justice’s newest commentary in RH Reality Check and the Huffington Post makes clear, state laws treating fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses as legally separate from the pregnant women who carry, nurture, and sustain them creates the basis for denying pregnant women their personhood and their right to be treated like other human beings.