Victory in Indiana

On September 20, 2018, feticide and involuntary manslaughter charges were dismissed against Kelli Driskel. In December of 2017, Ms. Driskel went to the emergency room after experiencing a stillbirth at home. An autopsy was later performed on the fetal remains and the cause of death was determined to be placental abruption with "acute methamphetamine intoxication" listed as a contributing factor.

Pregnancy Justice Achieving Justice in These Unjust Times

Despite national and international developments that make many of us feel less than hopeful, Pregnancy Justice has had a number of victories that remind us of the need to celebrate the accomplishments we have had.

IN: Purvi Patel

October 30, 2015
Trial Court: State of Indiana v. Purvi Patel
Brief filed in the St. Joseph Superior Court

Brief of Amicus Curiae Pregnancy Justice, Health and Bioethics Experts, Reproductive Justice and Women's Rights Organizations (11/6/14)

Appellate Court: Purvi Patel v. State of Indiana
Briefs filed in the Court of Appeals of Indiana

Appellant's Brief - Filed by Attorneys Joel Schumm and Lawrence C. Marshall

Brief of Amicus Curiae Pregnancy Justice, Health and Bioethics Experts, Reproductive Justice and Women's Rights Organizations (10/1/15)

Brief of Amici Curiae Asian-American and Pacific Islander Organizations in Support of Appellant

Brief of Amici Curiae National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum and Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, et al.

Victories, Patel Update, TN Wrap-up, and Global Connections

Pregnancy Justice challenge to Wisconsin law will go to federal court

On Sept. 30, a federal district court judge issued a ruling that allows Pregnancy Justice to go forward with a constitutional challenge to Wisconsin's so-called "cocaine mom law.

Pregnancy Justice STATEMENT: Pregnancy Justice Decries Arrest of Georgia Woman as ‘Murderer’ for Having an Abortion

Statement of Pregnancy Justice Opposing Arrest of Georgia Woman as Murderer for Home Abortion Attempt

According to Georgia prosecutors, 23-year-old Kenlissia Jones has been arrested and is being held without bond, facing a possible charge of "malice murder," based on the claim that she used misoprostol, a medication with the brand name Cytotec, to terminate her own pregnancy.

A Major Victory for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Justice was the first national organization to offer support to Jennie McCormack, an Idaho woman who was arrested for having an abortion. We are thrilled to report an important victory in Ms. McCormack's case. Last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its second opinion in McCormack v. Herzog, holding that it is unconstitutional to prosecute women for having abortions, and striking down several parts of Idaho's laws that limit women's rights and access to abortion.

Pregnancy Justice Decries Purvi Patel’s Sentence of 41 Years


First Conviction and Sentence for the Crime of FeticideBecause a Woman Sought to Terminate Her Own Pregnancy

South Bend, Indiana: Today, a St. Joseph County judge sentenced Purvi Patel to 41 years for the crimes of feticide and neglect of a dependent (Patel will serve 20 of the 41 years in prison). While Patel consistently maintained that she experienced a miscarriage, prosecutors claimed that she attempted to terminate her own pregnancy but gave birth to a baby who she then neglected and allowed to die.