Purdue Pharma Debtors’ Emergency Fund Expenditures – Proposed Guidelines

Having already written a statement challenging false and stigmatizing medical misinformation advanced in the context of the nationwide litigation seeking to hold pharmaceutical companies liable for the over- prescription of opioids in the U.S., Pregnancy Justice followed up with a letter regarding distribution of funds from Perdue’s bankruptcy settlement related to claims about its role in the national opioid addiction and overdose crisis. This letter, joined by the National Women’s Health Network and the National Perinatal Association and leading experts, was provided to the administrators and the judge overseeing the settlement in that litigation. Pregnancy Justice had learned that once again a group of advocates were promoting junk science and specious claims about the impact of opioid use during pregnancy that could lead to funds from the settlement being used in ways that would undermine maternal, fetal and child health. Our letter highlights the importance of establishing guidelines for the distribution of Emergency Funds consistent with evidence-based practices and peer-reviewed research regarding pregnancy and opioid use.

Please read the letter here.