Pregnancy Justice’s Work Featured in Brilliant NYT Editorial Board Series

In an 8-part series, the New York Times Editorial Board squarely addresses the core issues, intersectional frameworks, and cases Pregnancy Justice has been working on for more than 17 years. It recognizes Pregnancy Justice's leadership in defending the rights of pregnant women. Significantly, the series recognizes that what is at stake are women's rights. They show full, whole women's bodies and describe whole lives that we recognize and defend every day.

As the NY Times Editorial Board acknowledges women facing harrowing situations "have few advocates beyond a handful of scholars and lawyers, with one nonprofit group, Pregnancy Justice, frequently organizing their defense."

The series brilliantly addresses the relationship between anti-abortion advocacy and the rights and status of all women. Please read this amazing series featuring our work, our clients, and Pregnancy Justice executive director and founder Lynn M. Paltrow.

Read the full series here