Pregnant Women and Mothers Deserve Better


If you have had an abortion and given birth, experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth, adopted or raised a child -- tell your story with a picture, a sign, a 1 minute or less video and we will post it at:

Challenging The Myths: Pregnant Women, Crack, & Healthy Children who Succeed

In this video, Mary Barr addresses a CLE on Drugs, Pregnancy and Parenting on the question: "What Kind of Kids & Teens do Children Prenatally Exposed to Cocaine Turn Out to Be?"

Mary Barr is the Founder and Executive Director of Conextions, Inc, a non-profit organization educating the public and prisoners about addictions and related health and justice system issues.

Traditional Values Coalition vs. Pregnancy Justice?

We knew that our recent commentary and video that challenges PersonhoodUSA was likely to draw fire from the Right. We were not mistaken. Shortly after releasing our video and commentary, Andrea Lafferty, President of the Traditional Values Coalition, wrote a response seeking to discredit Pregnancy Justice by "exposing" our work on behalf of drug using pregnant women.