Pregnancy Justice defends people who are pregnant and attempt to have abortion, actually have an abortion, or are mistaken as someone who has had an abortion.

Pregnancy Justice is the leading organization providing pro bono (free) legal assistance to people who have been charged with a crime because they sought to have an abortion, because they had an abortion, or because a doctor, police officer or prosecutor thought they had or tried to have an abortion. Approximately 1 million people in the U.S. have abortions each year. It is estimated that one in four pregnant people have had an abortion in their lifetimes. The majority of them (approximately 60%) already have children. Of the people over 35 years of age who have an abortion, 89% are already raising at least one child, and by age 44, approximately 86% of all people with the capacity for pregnancy in the U.S. have become pregnant and given birth.

Pregnancy Justice has played a major role in helping to get convictions overturned and charges dropped or reduced in cases including those against Jennie McCormack, Purvi Patel, and Kenlissia Jones. Today there are new, safe and effective ways to end a pregnancy outside of a medical setting. (see e.g. Plan C and SASS) Several abortion cases have come about because people ended their pregnancies outside of an approved medical setting, but their efforts to safeguard or dispose of fetal remains were treated as a crime such as “abuse of a corpse.”

Pregnancy Justice believes that no person should fear arrest or be subjected to other forms of government control or punishment as a result of pregnancy or any outcome of pregnancy.

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The issue of abortion is in fact interconnected with the all of the other issues Pregnancy Justice addresses and all of Pregnancy Justice’s work reflects this.

What You Need to Know

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Of people who have abortions already have children

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Of people with the capacity for pregnancy have an abortion by age 45


Even when Roe was in place, prosecutors arrested people for having or attempting to have an abortion

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Of people with the capacity for pregnancy have given birth by age 40

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