COVID-19 and Restrictions on Abortion Pills and MAT (Pregnancy Justice Student Series)

The pandemic is exposing the harm done by the overregulation of certain medications people need as a matter of essential health. Join Amy J. Merrill (Digital Director at PlanC), Zachary C. Talbott (President of National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery) and Kendall Bentsen (Organizer at Pregnancy Justice) as they discuss how COVID-19 has highlighted barriers to accessing abortion pills for safe, self-managed abortions as well as MAT to treat substance use disorders.

While many people view the war on abortion and the war on drugs as distinct, there are in fact many connections and overlaps between the two. Their history, the strategies used to control and punish some reproductive choices and those to control the use of certain drugs, the limitations that exist to access to reproductive health care and drug treatment, and the populations most harmed by those limitations are remarkably similar. These similarities are particularly apparent where the issues intersect in the regulation and punishment of pregnant people who use drugs. As an organization concerned about fundamental issues of social justice, it is so important to take advantage of opportunities like this webinar to discuss the similarities among and relationship between these issues so that we can work to build coalitions and build strength and power in the fight to ensure civil and human rights.

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