Pregnancy Justice Releases First-Ever Annual Impact Report

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NEW YORK — Today, Pregnancy Justice shared its first-ever annual impact report, highlighting a year of legal wins for people facing pregnancy-related criminal charges, the successful training of thousands of professionals on how to confront and reject pregnancy criminalization, the release of groundbreaking reports that moved the needle, and much more — even amid the loss of Roe.

An Announcement From Founder and Executive Director Lynn Paltrow

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NEW YORK — Today, founder Lynn Paltrow announced that she will be stepping down from the Executive Director role at Pregnancy Justice (formerly National Advocates for Pregnant Women) at the end of her sabbatical in May 2023.

She is working with the board and the staff to ensure a smooth transition, one that will occur with the benefit of Acting Executive Director Dana Sussman's leadership.

Pregnancy Justice Secures Release of 9 Pregnant or Postpartum Women From Alabama Jail and a Policy Change

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NEW YORK — After Pregnancy Justice learned that the Etowah County, Alabama, District Attorney was imposing unconstitutional bond conditions on all pregnant women and new mothers charged with "chemical endangerment of a child" and filed habeas petitions on behalf of two clients, a new policy is now in effect that will result in fewer indefinite and unlawful detentions.

Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Providers, Lawyers, Medical Examiners, Child Welfare Workers, and Policymakers

For decades, pregnant people across America have been subjected to criminalization and deprivations of liberty on the basis of pregnancy or pregnancy outcomes. Women have been targeted by police and prosecutors, healthcare providers, child welfare workers, and judges who have sought to deprive them of their constitutional rights in the name of "fetal personhood.

Pregnancy Justice Releases Groundbreaking Report — “Harming Fathers: How the Family Court System Forces Men to Regulate Pregnancy” ; Reproductive Justice Is For Men, Too

Pregnancy Justice today released the groundbreaking report Harming Fathers: How the Family Court System Forces Men to Regulate Pregnancy , which analyzes and documents dozens of cases from around the country in which men have been labeled as abusive or neglectful — even losing access to their children — for failing to control the behavior of the women during their pregnancies.

Issue Brief: Parenting and Drug Use

People parent. People use drugs. People parent and use drugs. Despite how common this is, parenting and drug use is highly stigmatized, rarely talked about, and punishable by the state within both the criminal and family legal systems. But, we know that not all parents are faced with family separation and criminalization.

Testimony in Support of Louisiana HB 1027: Preventing Criminal Liability Based on Pregnancy Outcomes

Note: this bill failed in committee. A Louisiana abortion ban containing language that would have allowed pregnant women to be charged with homicide in relation to their own pregnancy outcomes, including abortion, is expected to be amended to remove such language after opposition from House Republicans and the state's governor.