A National Call for Birth Justice and Accountability. How many Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have to die giving birth?

In July 2020, Pregnancy Justice joined numerous allies including Ancient Song Doula Services and Black Mammas Matter in signing an open letter that served as a national call for birth justice and accountability. Pregnancy Justice knows that just as police misuse their authority against Black, Brown, and Indigenous people on the streets, they also do so in hospitals and delivery rooms and with the assistance of health care professionals. Pregnancy Justice believes that there is no role for police in addressing pregnancy or any outcome of pregnancy.

The letter was published as a full page advertisement in the New York Times on July 25, 2020, paid for by Every Mother Counts. Please join us in the call for the systemic change in health care that is necessary to achieve reproductive justice, a framework that requires an anti-racist model of health care. Birth Justice matters! Read the open letter and add your name.